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Watercolors are magical.

I am 100% certain that they were invented

by a water goddess. 

I am an illustrator and designer living and working in a funky suburb near the American River in lovely Northern California. On any given day you may find me tending to my succulents, inking a hairy animal or perhaps painting a barnacled whale. In my spare time I haunt thrift and antique shops searching for unique salt & pepper sets as well as vintage children’s books to add to my vast collections.

I studied illustration and advertising at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. A versatile multi-media artist, I worked over 20 years in exhibit design fabricating props and painting murals, photo-op walls, as well as graphics and lettering for shirts, buttons and signage. During this time I also created my own line of children's furniture and accessories, painted shoes and boots for various clients, all the while raising two very remarkable children, my most original creations to date.

I draw and paint daily, using both traditional and digital media, though I prefer getting my hands dirty. As a child I would plop wet paint onto wet paper and watch in utter amazement as it twirled about the page. I still hold that same sense of wonderment each time I pick up a brush.      

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